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Subscription product questions

If you have purchased a subscription product you will receive a weekly regulatory information report via email directly to your chosen inbox(es).

When you sign up for a subscription you provide your main inbox, which will automatically be used to provide your weekly regulatory information report. It will also be used to enable you access to the 24/7 regulatory information feed. To provide additional email addresses for receiving the weekly email or logging on to the 24/7 feed, you can send these to us by using the Contact Us page or email us directly at using your main email address. The amount of additional emails you can add depends on the product(s) you subscribed to.

Once your subscription has been activated, the main email address you used to sign up will be added to the 24/7 feed and you will receive confirmation that it is set up, along with a link to access it. We recommend you bookmark this link. You can also access the links to the 24/7 feeds by clicking on the Existing Customer button below. To add additional email addresses see our related FAQ 'How do I provide additional inboxes.'

Yes! If you need to change your main email address or any other email addresses that received regulatory information please get in contact with us and we will help.

Yes! You can share the reports with others inside or outside your organisation.

Payment, billing and subscription questions

Get started for free with a 14-day trial! After the trial, you will automatically transfer to your chosen subscription plan(s), starting at 15.00 GBP per month.

When you choose to start a free trial, you will be asked to enter your payment details but no payment is taken at the time. Unless you cancel your subscription within the free trial period, you will be billed after the 14-day free trial ends and each subsequent month until you cancel your subscription. When you sign up for your free trial you will receive an email confirming your subscription and the billing dates.

It is not possible to switch your subscription to a different product, therefore you will need to cancel your subscription and then subscribe to a new product. It is possible to have more than one subscription and if you contact us, we may be able to offer a package deal.

Stripe is a trusted payment services provider used by some of the world's largest companies, including Amazon and Shopify. At RegIntel, we use Stripe to handle the payment processing for all our online products. This enables us to provide the best value and support for our products.

We partner with Stripe for simplified billing, therefore when you purchase a product from us, the payment and other billing-related actions occur via Stripe. For this to occur an account is created within a dedicated RegIntel area within Stripe. To access this you can click on the Existing Customer link at the top of the RegIntel website, via the button below or via the link provided in your email from us when you purchased your product(s). The email address you used to purchase your product(s) will be the username/email address you use to log in with Stripe. If you have any problems please contact us.

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